Speaking Expertise

While I have talked on a number of subjects, my areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Agile Methodology
  • Building Successful Product and Engineering Teams
  • LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Diversity issues surrounding women, black and brown people, etc.

In the News


Mark Littlewood, CEO - Business of Software 

"Bethany is a diamond. I run Business of Software Conference, a single track event run over two and a half days with just 15 people speaking and a money back guarantee to attendees if they don't get value. I therefore have to be extremely careful about who we choose to put on stage. We receive over 500 applications to speak each year. Bethany was great. It was fun to spend time with them in the run up to the event as they worked on the talk. Bethany is insightful, delivered everything in good time, taught me a lot and was a pleasure to work with. The talk was fantastic. You would be getting a remarkable speaker at your event."

Gloria Bell, Co-founder - Women in Tech Summit

"Bethany is the kind of speaker every event organizer wants at their event. Not only were they an informative and entertaining speaker who is able to convey complex information in an understandable and enjoyable way, they are responsive to organizer requests. They are a talented communicator and a pleasure to work with."

Carla Kupe, Founder - #SpeakTruth Summit

"I could not say enough positive about Bethany and collaborating with them. During these crucial times, we have been fortunate to enlist Bethany’s passion, experience, and expertise in our initiatives and efforts for the empowerment of and advocacy for women of color. Bethany’s work and subject matter expertise in intersectional women movements and diversity and inclusion in the workplace have enriched our conference and other projects in impactful ways. They are not only a powerhouse in these matters but also a great energy as speaker."

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